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Your work depends on others' work.

Everybody uses open source libraries. Say at some point in time you decided to override some methods of those to fit your specific needs.

Well maintained open source code is ever evolving. Most software upgrades come with version jumps of at least some of those libraries. gives you an easy overview about all your monkey patches and keeps track of changes of the original sources across branches and builds. Get notified whenever overridden code changes or disappears.

Reduce technical debt

Monkey patches can quickly become a source of technical debt in your codebase.

They may no longer be needed, or the original repository may have incorporated changes that render your overrides obsolete. Additionally, if the original methods have undergone changes, your overrides may not reflect these changes, causing potential security or performance issues. helps you stay on top of this problem by identifying overridden methods that are no longer in use and alerting you when the original repository has incorporated changes that impact your overrides. This way, you can eliminate unnecessary code, and ensure that your overrides reflect the latest changes, avoiding any potential security or performance issues. Don't let technical debt weigh down your code, use to stay in control of your codebase.

Stay ahead of your bugs

While your tests may be passing, they may only be testing the methods you've overridden.

But what if the original library on which your code is built has undergone significant changes? These changes could impact the behavior of the original methods, and in turn, cause unexpected issues in your code. solves this problem by keeping an eye on the underlying code you've overridden. Whenever a commit is made to the original library that affects your overridden methods, notifies you, giving you the opportunity to catch and address any potential issues before they become a problem in production. Don't wait for issues to arise, be proactive and stay ahead of the curve.

Get the tracker

The Overrides Tracker gem is a powerful tool that allows you to monitor and compare changes to your overridden methods across different branches. By using the gem and uploading your reports to, you can take advantage of our beautiful interface to easily track and compare changes to your code. Plus, the integration with is seamless - all you need is your Overrides API key. Best of all, the Overrides Tracker gem is completely free to use regardless if you use it on private or public projects.


Repository overview

Never lose track of which methods you have overridden. shows side by side which methods you have modified and how.
Take a look at our step by step example to get an idea.

CI Integration can be integrated into every Continuous Integration pipeline.

We have step by step tutorials prepared for every major CI/CD provider.


Get notified via email whenever overridden methods change.


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